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First Time In Four Months... Weird...

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So.. well.. today religious meeting is over. I had talked to friends, and was just waiting for my father to be done some stuff he was doing so we could make our way home. So I am just waiting by myself doing nothing, since most of my friends had left already.


Then for the first time in like... 4 months my ex walks up to me gives me her hand and starts up chit-chat. We talk a bit, I joke around with some stuff that happened in the meeting, she laughs... and well we talk for like 3-5 minutes.. her little sister comes by, and I play around with her. And then I got busy with someone else and they go away.


About 10 minutes later, I am making my way out, and she is talking to a friend, I come by, her little sister comes give me a hug, I pick her up and shake her in a playful way, put her down and joke a bit about how long my father is taking to leave. My ex then again looks my way and comes say bye to me before leaving. ....


I mean... if this happened 2-3 months ago I would have been ex-tactic.. but I simply don't really care anymore lol. It was just weird... like... why now? Why you not feeling awkward and uncomfortable coming talk to me now? ... Like I really don't care anymore about talking to you, I don't mind walking right by you and ignoring your presence, and it is what I have been doing, because I simply don't care anymore. So now that I don't care you think it is time to try and be friends?.... I dunno humans are weird lol.


Anyway, just a weird thing that happened today, I don't make anything of it, I think she just wants to be friendly and not have a weird animosity thing going on, principally because I get along with everyone in her family. So I guess she just wants this weird vibe to go away. Still weird though that she would take the initiative to be friendly when she never has in the past...

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Well I will keep my sensory organs turned on, and see how she starts behaving from now on :silly: lol.


I would be happy if she was coming after me looking for something more than a friendship. First because of ego/pride. Second, because maybe in the future I wouldn't mind having something with her, just not now, or anytime soon.


Anyway, I will update this thread if things start getting funny... if they don't then w/e lol.. I don't really care anymore. Kinda funny, I guess it is like they say it in that movie Swingers.


"Rob: I mean at first you're going to pretend to forget about her, you'll not call her, I don't know, whatever... but then eventually, you really will forget about her.

Mike: Well what if she comes back first?

Rob: Mmmm... see, that's the thing, is somehow they know not to come back until you really forget. "


... lol... I find it funny... I am kinda hoping that it means nothing though. Life is simple now, I am kinda starting to enjoy it this way...

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