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It's hard to be a woman. Sometimes I wonder if all of this schooling is worth it. All of this work. I'm focusing on Journalism and editing/publishing, but the catch is that when I'm done, I have to find a job in this city of only 80,000 people. The other catch is that I when I have a family, I want to be a stay at home mom, working mainly part time and/or freelance.


I'm moving forward and succeeding and it feels great, but at the same time, I want more. I'm ready for marriage and kids and yet, I can't have those yet because I'm not where I need to be career-wise. BUT, by the time I do get where I need to be career wise, I'm going to have to slow it down and/or drop it altogether for quite awhile...because family is the most important thing to me. I don't know, can any of you women relate to this?


I feel like it is just never gonna be good enough. The more I get and the further I get in life, the more I want. I can't seem to clear my mind of all this nonsense. I'm excited about an upcoming internship and a editorial position on the school paper, but at the same time, if we were financially comfortable, I'd drop it all in a heartbeat to start a family. I'm so young still, but this biological clock just won't shut up! I feel like a big faker sometimes at school because in the back of my mind, I know exactly what I really want. But I don't exactly want to work crappy jobs and just bide my time. At least this way I am learning and gaining experience, but I sometimes feel like a fraud.

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Hello Sherry:


I assure you the schooling IS worth it. Believe me. And you will get a job, for sure. You know the saying, the past is history, the future is a mystery and all we have is the present. So keep making your plans, while keeping an eye on the "today". You are very young. Now I am looking at this from a European perspective (I am Irish), and it is rare for women here to marry that young. Most are thirty, at least, when they marry, mainly because most women have studied a career or profession. For example my nephew got married recently at 31, and his wife is the same age. That would be pretty much the norm nowadays. Also both spouses have no choice but to work, given the cost of living and all the rest.

Maybe just enjoy life and your studies, for the moment. Nothing in life is written in stone, as I long ago discovered.


All the best


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i kinda have to disagree...


you should think about the life of a journalist and what kind of woman you want to be in every aspect of your life.


i'm 26 and just found out what i wanted in my life career wise. it is related to my degree though. i also wanted to get married-or at least have the option of being financially stable enough to get married. what really did it for me was the little voice.


you pretty much already know from the voice inside you. what is it saying about your journalism career? will freelancing be enough money for you to settle down and be financially stable?


it's not a bad idea to question and reevaluate your goals at every step while you are accomplishing. you are young, but the world is still turning.


i have made a few choices where everyone told me i was young and could do whatever i wanted----but what did i want? i wanted to be financially stable and have my careeer that i loved in a few years. the career i had picked at that point was not going to give it to me. good luck!

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