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Had a great time with a guy, should I wait for him to call?


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There's this cute guy who is in this dance class that's held just once a week. I've had my eye on him for a while and we would talk a lot when we'd see each other. We exchanged numbers a month ago, and so last week I decided to just go for it and call him to see if he wanted to meet for a coffee. He got back to me and said he'd like that, and we arranged to meet up. What was supposed to be just a coffee meetup ended up being coffee, dinner, dancing at the dance class and drinks. I had a great time - the conversation was great, lots of intense eye contact and light flirting. I made sure to let him know I had fun when I was leaving to go home, and he told me he had a great time too. When I was leaving there were a few people from our class still there beside us so I was shy about saying something along the lines of wanting to see him again soon. Instead I said "Hope you have a nice week"!


So I have a good feeling about this whole thing, but I'm not sure what to do next. Since I was the one who initiated this first meetup do you think the ball is in his court to ask me for a second? My other option is to call him and ask him again, but whenever I think of this option I just keep thinking that it might come off as too much liking on my side. What do guys think of that? I guess I would like to see whether he calls me since that would show me he's just as interested as I am.


What do you think - should I wait or just go for it again??

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If you would wait for a week and a half..and then you would contact him..and he would be all happy and cheery..giving you a 'yes sure we can' as a response to your invitation..again..for a date..


would that feel right to you?...be honest...Wouldn't you wonder what might have happened if you had not initiated a second time in that case?...


I say..if he doesn't text, email or call you within a weeks time..better to focus on other dates as well..


of course you don't have to write him off...but my feelings are ..that he should be the one now to reciprocate the interest you have shown in him...and otherwise..you can cherise that great moment you shared..and keep your eye open for some other guys that might share the same with you once more..


If he doesn't contact within a week and a half...that date you shared was obviously a great one..but nothing more than that..


But the week is not over yet..so i am keeping my fingers crossed that he will contact you


Stay busy..

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Personally, I always wait for the guy to call me. If he is interested, he will call.

Your call won't affect the situation one way or the other. If he isn't interested, he wasn't going to call anyway, so it's not like your call is going to scare him off. If he is interested, he'll be pleased to hear from you, but I still believe that if he is interested, you'll be hearing from him.

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Waiting one week to see what happens makes sense. We have a class within a week though, so will that make a difference for when he might call? Or when I should call?


If you are seeing him regardless, I'd see if he approaches you. Make sure you are extremely approachable (make eye contact, smile when you see him). But, interact with other people until he makes an effort to interact with you. If you feel like he is ignoring you or avoiding you (he leaves immediately after the lesson) then I'd take that as he just wants it to be one date.

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