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close encounter with a girl


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I went to a friend's friend surprise birthday party this weekend and something really unexpected happened. There was this girl; initially she was just being friendly with me making conversation, but by the end of the night after alot of alcohol she was completely leaning against me with her leg over mine. We were close enough where I could feel her hair against mine, you get the idea. When the party was over she asked me (a guy she just met, I'm confused on this part) to drive her over to the my friends place. I can drive, but I ended up chickening out because I feel really inexperienced driving. To try and make up for it I rode with her and making sure she drove safe. This last part I really regret since I probably would have been just fine driving her car.


The reason I posted this has never happened to me before. When she was leaning against me I kept resisting this urge to wrap my arm around her like you would during a movie, or touching her legs, mostly because I had just met her that night. I should mention that at some point I was massaging her feet and that she did lay on me partially a few times during the night. Overall the party was really fun, it's one of the few I've gone to that I really enjoyed myself. Anyway I'm interested in some feedback on how people thought I did. What things could I have done better, or should have not done?

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Wait... what? Of course I didn't have sex with her. I'm just wondering if how I behaved that night was a good idea with respect to the fact that I just met this girl. She was being overly flirty and I didn't want to let things get out of control.


Just get a bj to be safe and move on haha, she sounds like she goes live at parties and you don't want aaaanything to do with that mess bro

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Ok, I see where you guys are going with this. The only reason she did all that was because she was drunk and I looked like a good pillow or something. Still I liked it, probably because I've never done much with girls except for hugging them. Next time I'll remember that girls act differently after alot of alcohol.

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