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Science behind why women may have a better eye for color

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I found this interesting. I wonder if there are any women on the forum that believe they may be tetrachromats.


Possibility of Human Tetrachromats

Humans and closely related primates normally have three types of cone cells and are therefore trichromats (animals with three different cones). However, at low light intensities the rod cells may contribute to color vision, giving a small region of tetrachromacy in the color space.[5]


In humans, two cone cell pigment genes are located on the sex X chromosome, the classical type 2 opsin genes OPN1MW and OPN1MW2. It has been suggested that as women have two different X chromosomes in their cells, some of them could be carrying some variant cone cell pigments, thereby possibly being born as full tetrachromats and having four different simultaneously functioning kinds of cone cells, each type with a specific pattern of responsiveness to different wave lengths of light in the range of the visible spectrum.[6] One study suggested that 2–3% of the world's women might have the kind of fourth cone that lies between the standard red and green cones, giving, theoretically, a significant increase in color differentiation.[7] Another study suggests that as many as 50% of women and 8% of men may have four photopigments...


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Seems like a bit of a stretch. Seeing more colours wouldn't necesary increase one's sense of style, which is highly cultural and not really objective per se.


It would be like the difference between having perfect pitch and knowing what makes a good music composition. They're quite different, IMO.

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In prehistory, men brought home beasts to eat. Women peeled and sliced them for dinner and discovered the softer and better areas of the skins to keep for themselves. Men wore the coarser bits until the loom came along. Women ran the looms and designed the fabrics until gay designers took over in 1958.

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Then how come all the top designers gay men? Where's the science behind that!





I think it's far more social. Style and understanding how clothing works takes practice. Practice develops your eye for things.


Normally people can tell whether something looks good or not. A person who spends a lot of time dealing with clothing and practicing style, understand why it does or doesn't look good.


So, if you are a woman, or a gay man, you are sort of expected to have good style and care about clothing...therefore you spend more time around clothing to meet that social norm. Spending that time, practicing, studying will make your eye for style keener over time.


That isn't always true as some people just never develop proper style and plenty of women and gay men have no interest in clothes and do not try to feign on interest. Also, plenty of men are interested in their looks and will go against silly social norms. But it is for the most part.

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Even with colour there can be as many problems as style - because many women are socialised to think they have a better eye for it than men whereas in reality it is still their opinion - and if the adverse reaction of other women is anything to go by there isn't even a consensus among them as to what is good or bad.

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