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Brotherly love!


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Hi, just wondering what you guys think about this situation.


I am 20, 21 in a couple of months. I was working part time during my last 2 years of school and have been working full time since January 2007 after finishing school. Family moved country in December 2008 which I was out of work for a few months then started another full time job until now.


My brother is 19 and started university in 2009 in the new country.


I have been paying my parents board since I started working full time which I have no problem with at all. But my brother has never had a proper job in his life, only delivered newspapers when he was younger. He has never had a part time job while at school or university. He eats more food than me, uses more electricity etc etc yet doesn't pay a thing.


He was off for the summer holidays for 3 and a bit months, and did not get a job at all. I have told my parents and they have said for 6 months now they will make him get a job like they did for me when I was still at school, but it never happens.


I think this is a bit unfair, but do you guys agree? Or do you think I am being arrogant/rude and should not get involved.


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