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Admitting love without demanding relationship

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I had a very strong friendship with a foreign girl whom I met through someone who claimed to be her boyfriend. She was very flirty and attached to me in the beginning but I took a rejecting stance as I didn't want to destroy their relationship. It turned out, however, that they were not in a relationship, just "kiss-buddies" and he liked to overstate.


She was in my city for 5 months and we became best friends, she would follow me day and night, and there were situations in which it seemed as if we were about to kiss (like while watching a movie lying in the same bed) but I was too insecure to make any move, even after she had told me the truth, because I feared the "friendzone". I think my insecurity reverberated in her even if, in hindsight, I think both of us were in love.


After those 5 months, she left, and now it's 3 ever since. We would chat almost everyday on Skype, she's always sweet and encouraging with me, sometimes even says thing like "I'll give you my heart whenever you need..." but then withdraws for some days to return to normal


Recently I had some personal setbacks in life (failed at exams, career search, etc.) which also disappointed her a bit since I often used to be positive-minded.


I think she's not sure about what I want or wanted, maybe she doesn't even know that I was/am in love.


Even if a long distance relationship is far from possible, would it be honest and fair to finally admit my feelings? I feel like it's killing me to hide them inside me all this time.

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Why is a long distance relationship far from possible? Lots of people make long distance relationship work including myself.


I think you should tell her how you feel - what's the point of playing games. I know it's hard but if you really love someone then they deserve to know that. I mean you two talk all the time and yet you you're just trying to pretend that you see her as a friend.

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But how do you tell someone that you havent been in a relationship with, or even dated, that you love them? Will they understand? If you say I'm in love with you, won't they think you're crazy?


Depends on what you mean by "love" of course.

You can love someone without having been in a relationship or dated them, otherwise there would be no thing such as "unrequited love".

All you need is to know the person well and give them love

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