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I am having a major problem =(


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Ok well here's the story. I am new here and I really don't know where else to ask this. I am in grade 10 right now and I have seen this boy ever since I have been going to high school. He is 17 and I am 15. I didn't really see him around the school until the end of grade 9. I didn't think anything of it until the start of grade 10. I seen in on the bus every day and like there was just something so cool about him that I like.


I know he's into metal music because he wears band labeled t-shirts all the time and has long hair. Anyways I've later found out that he is like an amazing guitar player. There are always tons of people giving him compliments about his talent and like it makes me so nervous because I know there are a ton of girls who want him. I know he's super super shy and like he has a thick european accent so it's hard to people to understand him so he really doesn't talk that much and like....I don't know. i've really destroyed myself over this boy. I really really want him like BADLY and I can't say anything to him. Would a 17 year old boy be interested in a 15 year old girl? I have a lot of friends and such but none of them really know him. All they really know is that him and a couple other boys in the school are killers at playing instruments and he being the most talented.


I am very sorry for rambling but like, I don't know why I feel like i love this boy so much. I am in such a tight spot and I am very shy, I cannot talk to him. It would be way too much for me. What should I do? Please help.

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