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I am currently dating a guy who is unsure of what he wants. It gets to me in a way but I am also happy with what we have. We went on a date with each other this past Sunday and it was wonderful, it could have been better if he became my boyfriend that same day, but he is insecure with himself, that he thinks I am too good for him. I don't know where that came from and I don't understand that, but I have my insecurities too. Let's just hope he will get over his insecurity and be with me, as our relationship continue to move forward and blossom. We were happy on our date with each other. It was like we went back to how we used to be when we first dated each other. We held hands, he took a hold of my hold while we were walking and I took a hold of his while we were in the movie theater and in his car. I took a hold of his hand and he took hold of my other hand while we were watching the movie. I put my hand on his shoulder, and my hand around his waist. He kissed the top of my forehead while we were watching the movie. We had fun together, we were comfortable with each other talking about everything and anything with each other. We were both scared by a barking dog and we said oh at the same time.


We shared a foundation of trust, honesty and communication with each other, so I am sure I did not get myself into a friends with benefit situation with him. What I liked about him the most is his dependability and reliability and what I liked about our friendship the most is we are so close and tight; that nothing can tear us apart. I am the first actual girl that he would consider being in a serious relationship with; I feel honored. He would respect me no matter what, I know that. Our feelings for each other continued to grow since end of 08 (when we broke up), he has not done anything to disrespect me since then until now. Between then and now, we remained close friends; we continued hanging out with each other one on one, even as friends that brought both of us happiness. It is only now since we both agree to give our relationship a second try that he is holding my hand again. He told me that he is still a virgin and I believe him. We were in his car and we were able to talk about anything and everything, feels like there is no barrier between between us, that change is happening with us, yet we both feel like this change is for the best; it would bring us closer and make us better. I feel comforted by his words; no matter how this turns out for the best or for the worse, I am still here for you, I will wait for you to recover.


In the car I felt an urge to kiss him so I kissed him on the cheek to see what his reaction was and he said wantta give it a try, but he did not give me time to answer, the next thing I know, he was kissing me. I was shocked, taken aback, and surprised, after I got over that, I kissed him back, then we looked up and looked at the stars. It felt so right. Before I left his car I asked him for a goodbye kiss and that was the end of our date. That date passed by way too fast, I guess it's true; time flies when you are having fun. And now I am trying to focus on other things cuz I want to give him time and space to figure things out, instead of bugging him all the time. I will focus on school and job hunting and not on him. I will just take things one day at a time with him. I WILL NOT CONTACT HIM UNTIL HE CONTACTS ME.

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