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Should I just make the first move?


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Soo, I've been "crushing" on this guy in one of my classes at school. I've noticed him looking my way quite a bit (he actually sits 2 rows in front of me) but I tried not to think much of it. We have made eye contact and smiled at each other a few times as well.


Last week after class I ran into him as I was walking through campus (not literally!). We just crossed paths and he definitely turned his head to look right at me and smiled, again, and I was really hoping that he would say something. It was a little awkward, because we were sort of walking together til I went to the building where my next class was...


Today, as I walking down the hallway, he was coming into the building. It was perfect opportunity #2. Well, he went to open the door to the stairwell and waited to hold the door for me. We walked up the stairs together, and my heart was pounding, waiting for him to say SOME thing, anything.


I know holding the door for someone isn't anything special, but based on our other interactions I get a good feeling from him. Do you think he's just shy? (despite him talking to others in class?) I'm hesitant only because I can't fully tell if he's just being nice or may be interested. I know it really seems like it's not a big deal, and I am able to talk to guys and make the first move, USUALLY, but it's just that this one is different because i actually legitimately like him.

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I would go for it if I were you. Guys don't usually waste their time holding doors for girls and smiling at them unless they like her or they are just really nice guys. If he's just a nice guy and he's not that into you then you can gain a new friendship with a really nice guy. Either way you'll win, but you'll never know till you try right?

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I've been wanting to say something to him for a while, and I guess i was just unsure if he was interested. It's just that the things I was thinking of saying to him seemed dumb. Like today, I wanted to tell him I liked his blue converse, but the words just wouldn't come out.


When I do talk to him, I want it to be natural and just flow. but I think I need help with trying to come up with something to say just because the times I've come in contact with him, I freeze up.


With him, I feel like there's this build-up (in my mind at least) and when the time does come, it should be worth it.

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