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Can someone please help me out here


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For many months just going to the shop for cigarettes and returning to my car, a tall, dark, handsome man and Scottish! ha did catch my eye and he did me. This had been going on for quite some time. I decided to go up to him and make small talk, about traffic, weather etc. So we've had a little chat, whenever we seem to bump into each other. This is in a car park, outside a shop. I go maybe once a week, sometimes 2 and he's there. He tells me he goes swimming early, buys his breakfast at the shop and his office is just accross the road. He did tell me he wants to go traveling next year too. We just seem to be chatting, I'm attracted to him, but dont know if he is attracted to me. Weeks have gone buy, and still he didn't ask my name, so I asked first, then he asked my name. I asked what does he do for a living, he asked what I did and sounded interested and replied, maybe when we both have some time, you can tell me all about it. Was this a sign! I just dont know. We both seem to go to the shop, buy cigarettes and have a smoke outside the car and have a quick 10 chat before we go our separate ways to our work. I dont know if he is single, I have not plucked up the courgage to ask him, would that make me sound too pushy or very nosey..haha. I would really like the next step to be him asking me out for a coffee or maybe a drink. Do you think he is shy or maybe he's already taken and just being friendly towards me. Today I was really nervous, came out of the shop, to my parked car, clicked my key to open the door, only to find it was locked, 3 times I did this and to my embarrasment he was stood watching from afar!! I did laugh at myself, but what must I of looked like, when I also stalled my car..haha what an earth must he think of me now... but at least i'm still laughing. Can anyone please give me some advice so not to stuff up again

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It is still such a funny story, i am sorry.

But really don't worry about it too much. If he likes you, he will find it charming.

Talk, dark, handsome and scottish....sounds very good.


Didn't you say something about him moving house? Try asking him about the move. How big the house is, how many rooms. Then you can ask if he lives there with his wife and children. It seems less direct. Even though it's not.

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I am still laughing now about it, this tall dark handsome man, looking at this women trying to open her car and then stalling it in front of him..Oh my... Yes that's a good question to ask. He told me he was having time off work this week for a few days vacation, I think that's when he is moving.

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I once walked into a glass door, trying to impress a guy.

With 30 people around me, now it is so funny, but i was 15 at the time. Took me ages to get over it.


I don't know whether his asking about meeting up to talk about work is a sign (i am far from being the expert on this, hahaha). But i would say that the fact that he is there when you come to get your cigarettes and he makes the time to stand there with you for 10 mins is one.

It can't be a coincidence that he is there whenever you are there and that he always has time to talk to you.

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hahahaha now that is funny, i'm sorry to laugh, but it gave me the giggles. I do hope you didnt hurt yourself.


But how long is this going to go on for before he says something, or am I just going to have to keep doing what i'm doing, going to the shop, buying cigarettes and standing by my car having a smoke and a quick chat... this seems more like speed dating.. haha

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I suppose this is turning into our own thread!


No i don't think it hurt that much....my ego was trashed though.

Someone had let te door open and i thought i was walking really elegant, glancing sideways to see if he was watching....well he was, from row!


I have no idea what the usual timeframe is for a guy to ask you out, i have been waiting for quite some time.

Your in Europe right?

What i have noticed (i don't know if it's right though), is that european men seem to be a little bit different to american men, even the non-shy men are less forward. And if he is not the womanizer type, he might be waiting for signals from you.

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I dont think he is the womanizer type, it took me to approach him to make first conversation. Before that, its was just looking from afar and a smile. How long have you been waiting for your guy to make a move and ask that question? i've been waiting maybe 6 weeks and i'm getting a little nervous around him now, how silly is that. Next time, i'm just going to be myself, so what signals can I send out to let him know I'm interested

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