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how to carry a conversation????


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Whatever is on my mind. I talk about different things depending on where I am and who I am talking to.


To actually have something to share, you have to live. In order to give water to others, you've got to fill up the well. If your reservoir is empty, fill it with experiences.

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Question bartenders would probably answer best. There's a couple people at my job I think I could become friends with, but I don't know where to start. I just have nothing to say...


what do you guys talk about for random, casual conversations???


What do you do? What are your hobbies? Interests outside of work?


Guys (if you're talking specifically about males?) talk about anything for random casual conversations... depending on age it could be anything from weather, gym schedule, sports, drinking, the hot new girl in HR...


How old are you?


Generally speaking - at work if I just meet someone I will ask them how long they have been working there, what they do outside of work (hobbies), if they have a family or are married etc. At this point I would have gathered enough info to carry on the conversation. If not - we probably weren't meant to be great friends anyways, lol.

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Why do you think you could be friends with these people? I assume its cause you have things in common so talk about that. Just stay away from delving into wagonism. A good conversation can be about anything of interest to both parties. What sorta music you like, What sports are you into or do you prefer the art. I find that the best way to someone's heart is to find a topic they know more about and love to talk about so they get to talk about it and i ask questions and learn something from them. Second to that is the mutual interest conversations. Music " Did you watch the Grammy's? I thought .... was robbed. You disagree? Well who was your pick. Seriously. Sounds like you're more into ... than ... ". Current Affairs "Did you hear that they detected trace amounts of ... in California as a result of the situation in Japan? Show how small the earth is" Try to stay away from controversial topics like politics until you know them well enough.

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