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  1. That’s utterly ridiculous. He can’t bring me to the hospital, assist with check in, comfort our child in this huge transitional moment, and help in case of complications if he’s on another continent. Not sure why so many of you can’t respect the aspect of my birth plan that both parties of interest are happy with.
  2. Didn’t realize the gender in my profile was going to taint the question, sorry all. We are in a traditional relationship. Me opting to give birth alone and him being okay with it has nothing to do with the question nor should be a reason for anybody’s judgement. If he had any issues with the birth plan, I guarantee he’d speak up about it. I asked because I wanted a sample of unbiased opinions and I believe the vote is unilateral. Thank you all. Looking forward to any other thoughts.
  3. Yes that’s plan A. But I understand he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  4. I don’t think there’s any animosity regarding that. It worked out well last time. Being a 5 minute drive away is different than being a 9 hr flight away.
  5. Thank you for your point of view. Being in the delivery room by myself is my choice and it is not what this post is about.
  6. Looks like I’m only getting responses from women (who will never have this issue ha :)) The question is in fact about my current situation. I’ve remained mum on the dilemma. As with previous birth, I will be in the delivery room by myself (by my choice).
  7. Events are on different continents. Which do you attend? You’re the best man, the groom is your best friend from childhood. The entire friend group is pumped for the trip and traveling the country afterward. There’s some family to rely on, so your SO wouldn’t be completely alone giving birth while caring for a toddler. Still it’s gut wrenching and would be heartbreaking to miss the birth (or possibly have to board the plane as baby is minutes old). What decision do you make?
  8. If I just don’t go, then I’m failing my other friendships. I’m basically allowing that person to receive all our friends while I lose them. These are people I’ve known my whole life, they are not easy to replace.
  9. A dear long time friend backstabbed me terribly and there’s no going back (wasn’t a one time mistake, it’s been slowly going on for years). I don’t ever want to see that person again but we share many close friends and sooner than later we will end up at the same party or even a weekend getaway. I can’t imagine seeing that person and not acting hostile. People definitely noticed already that something is off between us, but the details will not be discussed with the group as that would be embarrassing for all. How do I act? I don’t want to be a downer and ruin the atmosphere for everyon
  10. Disagreed! I didn't post picture at all and I'm gorgeous... I just don't want to be seen there in case my friends are browsing lol But seriously that thought me how many things I take for granted! In real world I get approached all the time with no effort and usually ignore it all. Here I wrote only a couple words and expected it'll all come easy as well, I found this cool and cute guy, messaged him - and nothing! I guess it's more fair: if you're not nice, witty and interesting, you're not going to get attention just for being cute (well given pic is not posted like in my case). The "beaut
  11. OP lol we get your sarcasm Everybody, I actually just registered and Hey! It's exciting! wow!
  12. I came to this website to seek advice while in my past relationship. I just had noone to turn to and needed some outside view on my situation. And when he left I became addicted to ENA This is an encyclopaedia of human emotions. As I live in a big city and actually get approached a lot every day it didn't appear to me how it feels for people in the suburbs...
  13. Ouch, I just want to hug you right now and say: everything will be alright. Maybe because I need such hug myself. I am here cause my friends are already tired of hearing me wining over and over again. It will get better for us I'm sure!!! Pain will be rewarded!!!
  14. Thanx everyone it makes sense to me already! And I must say a lot of reasons you named are also my reasons!
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