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Help! Friend needs advice :(


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I am posting this for a friend, since she's seen you guys help me out a lot.


Okay well she met this guy over a dating site and they talked over email and immediately hit it off. Well last night they met for the first time, and according to her she had a good time with him. However it did end in an intimate moment, if you guys catch my drift and she came home.


Everything was fine today, they were talking and yesterday they had talked about going on a date tonight. She mentioned it while in class and he thought she was talking about Saturday night for some reason. Well long story short, and with him not supposedly knowing she was talking about tonight (which I find hard to believe because she kept saying are we still on for TONIGHT? not TOMORROW NIGHT) and he made plans and pretty much blew off my friend


So her natural reaction was to be upset and disappointed and she expressed that to him. Now according to him, she freaked out and went crazy over a date. Now she only said things like I was looking forward to this and how she was disappointed. Now she even said she wasn't mad, she was just disappointed and he thought she freaked. She was in class when this happened and she had to leave so she said just said nevermind it's fine we can reschedule. gotta go cya. and she logged off and then eventually back onto her phone and he went on saying she didn't have to be crazy about it and this and that.


Now apparently he said he was turned off by her supposedly "freaking out" and he pretty much is rarely talking to her.


Now she wants to know if she was in the wrong for her reactions and should she even bother continuing on with this guy or move on


Edit: Oh apparently she just told me that he was being a sarcastic * * * * * * * to her last night too

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Since they just met for the first time, and are already fighting after one date, I would say the future doesn't look good for them.


Also, my opinion is that she took a big risk in sleeping with a guy she barely knows, and was sarcastic to her on the first date. Hopefully she gets herself checked for STD's, since there's no way that she knows very much about him.

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