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Hey, I was speaking to 2 girls today, one of whom I really like. We were all standing and my girl was pointing one of her feet away from the conversation. Does this mean she's not interested?


I'm so bloody confused at the moment.


Additional details? Earlier today I was speaking to her friend and she didn't seem too happy as she kept looking up. But that could be just her pretending to be interested when she's not. People say the legs tell most of the story so that has got me into a tangle.


She seemed really happy whilst in conversation, and prolonged eye contact at the beginning. When I maintained this contact, she looked away and for the next few minutes hardly looked at me. Then as the end of class approached, normal eye contact was restored.


There MUST be a way to decipher truth from faking. I'm not accepting "you just have to talk to her" as an answer. I mean, if we can't differentiate the truth from the false, aren't we useless? Hope I can really get an answer from this post. If you know it, please share.

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I know that. I'm looking for a genuine answer. Can a girl help me out?And can I just apologise if I get a bit cranky. The situation really isn't helping =]


Just because my foot is pointed a certain direction doesn't mean I'm not paying attention or interested in the conversation.


I would be more concerned that the guy i'm talking to keeps looking at my feet..:splat:

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Oh come, that was a cheap shot. We were all looking at sheets of paper. Not difficult to notice her boots?


Any real signs that can tell me this girl reciprocates interest? The sooner I know I'm wasting my time the better.


I think you're looking into it WAY too much. Seriously, you say you don't want the answer 'just talk to her' but that's all you can do.


We can't tell you "YES, SHE WANTS YOU!" or "Nah, dude..definitely wasting your time.."


We don't know what she's thinking. If you really like this girl, just keep on learning about her..if you feel like she's not interested, move on..or if you feel like she's diggin' you, ask her if she wants to go grab some coffee or something.

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I don't want to spend any more time, it's been 2 years. The only option seems to be to ask her out straight. I can't believe there are no signs though.


Two years..? Have YOU given her any indication that YOU like her?


I'm sure if you haven't seen any signs that she likes you in two years, it's probably strictly platonic.


BUT I could be wrong - the worst she can say is no, if you ask her out.

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Extreme pyschoanalytical behavour such as this is bound to keep you guessing when you are looking at minute and extreme body behavour signals to seek answers. perhaps you are far better to use verbalisng tools such as "Would you like to go out with me on the weekend??? sometimes the simple things in life work the best...after 2 years regardless of any body language or behavour to date from this girl I would expect you are seen by her as a platonic friend.. I would also bet SHE knows, however that YOU are interested in her romantically as SHE would of read your behavour well over this time... Good luck either way...as suggested try the simple approach and good luck with it I hope you are successful..

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