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Nothing interests me!


I am so bored all the time. People say get hobbies... Nothing interests me I have tried god knows how much crap and nothing makes me motivated.


My Partner has gone to the mine and i am absolutely bored. I sit around for god knows how long.. just staring at the wall thinking of what to do. Even doing ANYTHING would be better then just sitting staring at a wall i think but then i go and do it.. and i go meh can't; be bothered...Bed time it is. Trouble is I can't sleep properly either so that never works.


I have a problem and i can't even be bothered going to the doctors. One i absolutely hate doctors and i cant be bothered feeling uncomfortable for 30 minutes just so i can get my problem fixed.


I know people will tell me to get off my ass and just do somehting but i am telling those people, I have absolutely no motivation so its like its impossible for me..


The only time i absolutely do something to the best of my ability is Work. I work extremly hard but the only reason i do that is nothing is good enough. I am 21 and the second youngest would be about 40? So i am always underacheiving there and have to strain my brain to learn new things. I have to be a 40 year old at work not a 21 year old. Its like having 10 mum and dads looking down at you so you HAVE ot do your best.


But is that it? The only way i can be motivated is by being absolutly stressed out to the max that i will faiL!?

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My heart goes out to you. I went through a stage like this, and the only cure for me was to realize that nobody else is ever going to come along and fix it for me. Ever.


I needed to get past some weird sense of entitlement I had picked up as a child that believed others were somehow responsible for entertaining me. It helped when my grandmother clunked me with the saying, "Only boring people get bored." There is some truth to that.


Interest is a decision. You can make it hard for yourself to explore things and find a passion for something, or you can make it easier. That's your choice. I hope you'll consider that and ask yourself when you wake up every morning what kind of day you intend to have. You will meet your own expectations.


In your corner.

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Only boring people get bored." There is some truth to that.


haha.. ahh thats awesome. If my mum new that saying she would have used it a million times. Usually it use to be.. WHAT BORED!? There is plenty to do! go hang the washing out!" haha - bless mummies


I actually don't like social contact. My family and my fiance are the only people i talk to. Maybe i do rely on them for entertainment....It just never seems that way. My parents are always on holidays. I hardly see them and my fiance is always working or sleeping!. But maybe thats why i am so bored. Becasue i am not being entertained by them..




I know this sounds sulky but everything is to hard I don't want to fail whatever I am starting and its a huge posability thats all i ever seem to do.

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