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question about college and online dating


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So, I've looked for this online and I have found that the general consensus is that more and more college students are using online dating sites. The rationale seems to be that it is a good way to sift through the tens and thousands of students that go to your university.


But what if you go to a very small college where it's not that difficult to know or recognize nearly everyone on campus.


Going online for dates doesn't seem right when it's fairly easy to meet girls at your college...


I don't know. Anybody care to weigh in?

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I have never met someone in college who was using an online dating site. There are so many opportunities and outlets to meet new people in college I don't see why anyone would need it unless they lived under a rock. I think facebook is enough for most people. Also, wouldn't going to a smaller college make it easier to recognize your peers?

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Yeah, which is exactly why I find it weird.


On the other hand, I'm having a hard time finding someone here, so maybe expanding my search to the city might yield better results? Also, it's too easy to get stuck in some box when everyone sees everyone all the time. It can make things difficult if you're trying to change yourself for the better. Know what I mean?

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I can see how dating in college is like shuttlefish put it, but not everyone gets out I think; or they do but not to the right places. I guess I'll use myself as an example, I usually go out every friday night with some friends to play ping pong or pool but not once have I met any girls that led anywhere to a potential date. If you don't get out much then parties seem to be non-existent because you won't get invited in the first place.


Clubbing and parties are another option but they don't appeal to everyone. In my case it doesn't help that a good number of friends fall into that category or are too young for the bar scene.


You seem like you get out enough so you should be fine

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