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is there room for a second chance?


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i broke up with my girlfriend there recently, it was just because there was a weird feeling between us, the thing is as we broke up we sorted the weird feeling between us and put it down to moving to fast!


we always got on and the last break up day i saw her we were like best friends again, she asked is there another way around this and hinted that in time we may feel different. do you think we just needed a break instead of a break up because after the break up when we were being open with each other it was like old times, i do love her and she also loves me and we both feel like best friends.


she even sent me a email last night saying i was the best and we were like best friends and its so sad the way we didnt work out, im sad over it too but i broke up with her and im going no contact, to see how we both feel am i right?

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think and feel your way through it, you seem to be doing allright. maybe tell her that you do love her and that you just need some time and hopefully she will understand. Use the time to sort out your emotions and clear your head and then, if you want, initiate contact and start everything SLOW and see how it goes.

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