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Dog can't walk much


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My dog, 9 yrs old, has over the last few weeks been limping due to, the vet thinks, and I agree, back pain. At the park, she can now only walk or run a few steps without having to lie down. The anti inflammatory tablets I've been giving her for a week haven't improved things at all. Tomorrow I'm starting her on a different type. If the new medication doesnt improve her mobility, is it cruel to keep her alive? It's sad to see her not being able to enjoy her walks, which were the highlight of her day. Well, she still enjoys sniffing around the park, but can't run around, or walk much. She keeps rolling on her back, to ease her back pain, I guess.


I don't see other dogs in her condition. Does that mean that once dogs get to this stage, their owners have them put to sleep?


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I had two pugs. They both developed arthritis. The first one had it in his neck real bad. He eventually started to whimper when he moved. I put him down at that point. He was 13. Then the next year my other pug got arthritis in his back and hips. When I put him down he was 10. I had them on pain killers for a while. When it got to the point were they really weren't doing much other than lying in their beds is when I made the decision.


It was really hard to do but I felt like I was giving them relief from the pain finally.

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Have you tried pain meds for the back pain? Have you tried alternative treatments (actupuncture, that sort of thing)?


If the pain meds are only going to make her loopy and weird, or of they have huge side effects, I wouldn't consider them an option.


Alternative treatments can be expensive and some thing they're kind of hookey, but they'r worth looking into.


Only you can decide if your dog's quaility of life is so low she needs to be set free. 9 years old isn't that old, but age is all relative.


There are lots of factors to consider. Talk to the vet, too, although they could never make the decision for you.


I'm really sorry, it's always hard to watch an older dog suffer and wonder what the right decision is.

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The meds take at least 10 days to fully work. I had a yellow lab with severe arthritis and we gave her Dasuquin. This might, and hopefully will work for your pup. We also used to massage her and use a heating pad. She was no spring chick, but that all helped a lot.


Thanks. The new medication did help. But sadly, over the weekend she got an abdomenal problem which led to emergency treatment and x rays and it seems she had tumors, and I ended up having her put to sleep. It was very sad and upsetting. I will miss her very much. She's been a beautiful loving and loveable companion to me. At least she only had one really bad day. Hopefully she's somewhere nice now, running free.

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Hey Offplanet


So sorry to hear about this. It is always so hard to have to say goodbye to them for whatever reason, but you know you have done the right thing and that she is not suffering.


As you say, she is in a better place now and running free again.


(((HUGS))) to you.

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I'm very sorry to hear this. I hope your dog is in a happy place where she can leap and bound joyfully.


I'm going to have to go through the same thing wiht my dog relatively soon. I'm praying that she'll stay around for as long as she can, as long as she's happy.


You're in my thoughts.

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