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I had the chance...twice.


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Yesterday I was riding the bus home and sparked up a conversation with the girl sitting next to me. When we got off I had a good ways to walk and she offered me a ride home. When we were getting close I thought and felt I had the opportunity to ask her for her number. But i chickened out.

So today i ride the bus home (different time than yesterday) and notice that she was on the bus. She offered me a ride home again. I thought to myself this was my time. I hve a second chance. On the walk back to her car, she was talking about her roomate how she lends her car to her ex bf. Then the one im walking with says, I wouldnt lend my car to my bf let alone my ex bf.

So i put that in context that she was dating somebody. So once again, i didnt ask her for her number. Do you think I should have still gone for it even though she might of had a bf, and their is hopefully another chance, most likely not, but if their is should I ask for it?

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in my conv, i'd indirectly ask if she has a bf... but if there isn't a good opening for such a q, then i'd just go for it.


I've found that to be harder than I thought, though my luck is non-existent to begin with I suppose.

On one occasion I was asking the girl how she couldn't anything get anything to do on some nights (it was a lot more casual than it might read here), and her response was pretty muted, meant nothing. On another occasion/girl, I asked what her friends and family thought about her working on a Sunday (this is what the convo was about at the time) and again, it's like she just shut up, like a few-word non-answer.


I'm like you now, I kinda imagine "what if, somehow, I get another chance". Hmm, do you even think about deliberately tweaking your timings a bit to try and deliberately run into her? (sounds desperate, but I'll admit to thinking that a lot). But yes even with apparent chances I would instantly stop and prop on hearing things like that.

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