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Hard Decisions....


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I have worked for the same company for 6 years. I loved work the first five years, I thought I had found my dream job. The job was flexible, I was given work and they would say I had 30 days to do it. Since I am not a proscrastinator Id jump on it and get it all done quickly. I got to travel, met people I enjoyed, also got to have time with my children and volunteer in their classroom. I was in the top ten percent of production/quality.


About a year ago, I was promoted. Was told Id still have flexible schedule, still have the company car. But I wouldnt have to travel and would work from home. To make a long story short, it hasnt been what they promised. 6 months ago, we lost our company cars (in the new position, the old one still has them) and there is NO flexibility what so ever. I work out of my home in front of the desk alone, 8-5 M-F. There is no reason why I couldnt work other hours, its just that the manager is a psycho and wants everyone working when he works so he can monitor them. He has everyone keep track of everything in ten minute increments in multiple databases.


I have become full of anxiety. I am too young, but started going through menopause. Starting having night sweats, major depression etc. I can not stand to get a call from him or his co-hort. To remind me that I haven't filled out some little thing in their freaking silly database. That is not company mandated just this managers own made up deal. He wants to collect statitics to show how much money the company is spending etc etc.


I became so depressed that if It werent for my kids I would have considered suicicide (well not really-but close to it). I have had fevers, vomiting, etc, due to stress from this evil man. I have ran law offices before and am highly independent and production oriented. I hate this new job.


I would like to transfer back to my old job, but of course they filled it. The old manager would love to take me back and says they will when there is an opening, but that could be a year from now. If I stay in this job, I may die from anxiety. I walk around feeling like I cant breathe.


I am the breadwinner for my family. I am scared to death to give up this job, due to the benefits etc... but I honestly don't think I can keep doing it.

I really don't think my boss likes me...well he doesnt like anyone for that matter. But that is a long other story...


I live in a town that I love, in a dream house I just built, but might have to give it all up, due to my health and this psycho. I've already tried talking to HR, and they say theyve gotten numerous other complaints (but nothing ever is done) They keep losing good people, and it takes two years to get fully trained in my highly technical job.


I just dont know what to do...... I feel like I want to get hit by a mac truck and have it all be over.....

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I just dont know what to do...... I feel like I want to get hit by a mac truck and have it all be over.....


Did HR do anything besides state erroneous details about the supervisor? Also, have you been keeping logs of everything that is going on? If not, start doing this immediately and make sure you begin using your health as reason to enforce pertinent work / life boundaries--which will require that you get a written-in-black-and-white job description so that you know exactly what is expected of you and your duties.

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I know how stressful it is to have a micro manager. I had one once and ended up quitting without anything else lined up just to get away from the stress. If the economy was better I would encourage you to do what I did, but in these times it's unwise to leave without something else lined up. If you are unable to transfer elsewhere in your company then I would encourage you to start job hunting. It's not fair to you or your family to be that unhappy but complaining to HR could backfire and cause you to be unemployed altogether - and we know that's not good!


I feel your pain, and am sorry you're going through this.

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