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I feel bad after making out with my new boyfriend


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my boyfriend and I didn't go out long enough (two weeks)to really know each other well, but the chemistry is so intense and we seem to be good matches, so we became exclusive a few days ago.


He stayed over my place last weekend, I told him I don't want any touching and heavy petting because I'm conservative, sex is definitely off the table. but I ended up doing all with him (except sex), he didn't pressure me, it's probably me who's more desires.


now I feel bad. Our relationship is still very young. and I'm the one who's talking about one thing and doing another thing. I'm sure I won't be ready for sex for a while, but I acted like a teaser. I'm also afraid he's not going to respect me because I acted somewhat easy... he seemed cool about it, he said it's ok that i can wait however long I wanted.


I'm confused myself, the chemistry is so strong that my body tells me I want it but my brain tells me no...I feel bad after he's left. I really like him and see long term potential with him, I don't want to mess it up...

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Jp I think it really just depends on the guy and the way he thinks, I have come accross a lot of different opinions with guys...some will say that yes they will think that you are easy and then there are guys who say that they wouldn't think less of the girl...


I am more concerned about you crossing the boundaries that you have set up for yourself, I mean you don't want to do something and then end up regretting it. Intimacy should occur when both parties are ready...if you are feeling guilty then I am thinking you were probably not ready.

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Aside from talking to him and telling him you're not ready to do that again, the only thing you can do is don't put yourself in that line of tempatation again. No staying over, no dark and/or sexy places. That'll ensure you don't do anything like that again if you don't want to and he won't assume that you'll be doing that again if you end up someplace similar.

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