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so i met this girl...


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I was at a house party last night, and was chatting to these girls there. it was a bit of a milestone anyway for me since it was the first time i have ever really been comfortable around a bunch of girls my own age.


as is kind of normal in this country, they noticed pretty quickly i had an accent and start asking me a whole bunch of questions about my country. so it turns out one of them is going there in 3 months time for 3-4 months travelling. i said id get some friends to show her around etc... so i grabbed her facebook.


we were all chatting for most of the night, maybe a few hours. and then she gave me a lift home afterwards (turns out she lives a 5 min walk away from my house).


she is extremely beautiful, but also really down to earth (same goes for her friends actually). personally i think she is miles out of my league, i'm pretty average and extremely shy around girls (i'm 23 and i've never had a girlfriend). usually i would be too shy to say anything much to girls like her, even if im introduced by a friend. i'd really like to get to know her a bit better, but i also wonder whether she was just interested in what i had to say about my country, rather than me? she seemed interested, and i thought we were getting along quite well. i generally know when a girl is not interested because it happens to me a lot.


i dont want to ask her on a date, because we're not really at that stage. but i would like to see her again. we dont have any mutual friends though (we only started chatting because of some passing comment or other). its just me and her on facebook. also, i dont want to f*ck it up, which is quite likely given my record with women.


so what should i do???

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You can't really worry about f***ing anything up, because she's either into you or she's not. You don't want to be with a girl that is not into you, and you certainly don't want her taking advantage of what you have to offer and then dropping you once you're no longer useful to her.


It's better to get down to the bottom of these things quickly. You have better things to do with your time that torture yourself about if this girl likes you or not, or how you can avoid screwing something up.


Just ask her out, she seemed pretty receptive to you. If you do go on your date, and she is only interested in your country and doesn't have a lot of interest in you, then you'll have your answer and you needn't bother yourself about her anymore.

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Send her a message on facebook, invite her out for afternoon coffee. If you get the vibes then you can turn that into dinner, if you don't then you can bail and it was just coffee.


You need to act asap before you overthink things, if she's not interested then that's cool else you'll just torture yourself.

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