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Could be nothing?


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My gf has been on the pll for about 3 weeks, maybe longer and 7 days ago we had sex without a condom.


She said she's had sensative breasts on monday and it's been like that till now. That's the only symptom as far as I know.


What else could be causing it?


Her period isn't due for about 2 weeks.

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One of the side effects of the pill is sensitive breasts. As long as you waited 7 days before you had sex on the pill, I wouldn't worry about it.



That's pretty much what I thought. I just wanted some kind of reassurance since I don't know this stuff.

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Yeah, a lot of womens' breasts actually increase in size after starting the pill (mine did)--so this causes them to be kinda tender or sore for a little while. Well, that and the change in hormone levels that the pills cause.


Nothing to worry about. She might experience some other "symptoms" that will make you worry she's pregnant as well, but it's probably all going to be tied to the birth control. So don't worry!

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