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EEK! I did not think I would come this far!

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OK, (yay another positive thread by me...)


I finished my last college course, and came out as a qualified hairdresser. I have always known I did not want to pursue a career in hairdressing, but it is a very good skill to have, and I do enjoy a lot of aspects of hairdressing, but it is just not mentally stimulating enough for me, not to say I am too good for it, but I enjoy learning new things and educating myself to better myself, my future and any children I may have.


Now I am enrolled on an Access To University course, in Humanities and social sciences, the subjects I am taking in this course are; psychology; sociology and biology, along with Maths and English full GCSE's (school exam subjects).


To get into university students are preferred to have had some experience in the subject they wish to go into, now aside from suffering mental and personality issues, I have no experience, which means I need to find some volunteer work. I have been looking, but I am finding it hard to find anything in my area that I could reasonably do. In the end I am hoping to become a Child and Adolescent psychologist.


Can anyone help me with finding some Volunteer work? I have looked at the Samaritans, which could be good. One thing I was very interested in was, link removed


I have been debating doing this for some time as it was, but when I first came accross it I felt in need of their help rather than becoming a volunteer there. Also that is a years placement, which would be brilliant, but I am unsure if I have to go to uni right after this course, which I will talk about with my tutors at college.


Thanks guys!!!



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Nothing to say that can help you...Just im happy to see you happy and looking forward to getting in a field to help others.


IMO psychology is going to boom in a few years. It's not so taboo to see a psychologist as it was, atleast here in america.


Well i wish you luck with whatever you choose to take up.


Congratulations on becoming a certified hairdresser(even if it isn't what you want to do) I think its just a good thing to have multiple things you can do in life. Doesn't limit you to just one field of work.

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You know, as long as there are humans, there will always be a market for people who go into human services/psychology/mental health professions. The key is to get an advanced degree.


For volunteer opportunites, do you have local agency that maintains a list of places that accept volunteers in your area? Sometimes colleges and universites keep a list like that in their career centers, for student use.

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Thanks, yeah I am planning on specialising in child and adolescent mental health, after this course I am hoping to go and do psychology at university. I will have a look around my college and go down to the local jobcenter and have a look, been trying to find things online, thus far not going to plan..


And thank you to ohemgee and indierockgirl!

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