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days are getting slower..

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yes indeed..i've been trying to work things out with this so called "moving-on" but the thing is i can't seem to get him off my head.. the more i try, the more anything and everything about him comes flashing in my thoughts. like, tomorrow is his birthday,. i still have his email cause i can't just forget it since it's too easy to remember though i don't have his number anymore cause i totally forgot about it. i was in a verge of emailing him, to tell him how "i miss" him and so on.. i think, there's nothing wrong with that since it hasn't been two months since we split. but i wanted to have a sense of control over myself and the urges i feel about contacting him, afterall, i was the one who told him not to bother me anymore. and it would be ironic if i am the one who will tell him i miss him, or i wanna talk.. i don't wanna talk.. i just miss him, that's all.. and i wanted to greet him a happy birthday.. but i won't do that cause, i promised myself i won't after what he did to me..it would just be stupid of me to try to talk to him.. so here i am, ranting about how i feel today cause i got no one to talk to about it.. i feel bad for this feelings i have for him. i feel like i shouldn't have it anymore because it's simply torturous.. i hate it.. but what else can i do? i feel like a stupid bloke.. i cannot go on in a day without thinking about him, and if i try to think of someone else, he just reminds me of him. i don't know.. i wish i am already in the stage where i've learned to accept everything that's happened and that im happy i got over him.. but it seems like the days are so slow..

i know that someday this will just be another memory of things that are insignificant to me in the future but still, experiencing it all now is just so heavy.. im always heavy with all these emotions.. i can't get a grip on it.. i just don't have the slightest idea what to do to forget him.. and everything about him.. i wanted.. needed to forget..i wish i don't care too much.. or feel too much...](*,)

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Kris, i am the same as you. i cant get my ex off my head. people have told me that it gets easier and that the thoughts/feelings will soon become less emotionally charged.


If your wondering whether to email him for his bday, if it was me, i probably would. Just keep it short and sweet though. Tell him Happy Birthday, hope he has a great day, etc, but dont tell him you miss him. It will only complicate/confuse things and hinder both of your healing!


all the best, i too have to hold hope that things will get easier with time!

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