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Move out-stay together-break up?


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So here is the deal. Me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year and a half and in the beginning we were inseparable!! He is 29 and I am 25. He adored me and considered me the girl of his dreams. He wanted to show me off and he was SOOO sweet. He would always send me sweet text messages and every time he saw me he would get so happy and excited! He always wanted to take me out and spend time with me. After a while that stuff came less and less. And then he kind of got demoted at his job so he would not be making as much money. As a joke I said "we should just live together to save money" now he ALWAYS said how he was not ready to commit like that and how he was not ready to move in, and out of nowhere he said "yeah we can do that". So I told him we should sit down and talk and make sure its what he wants. We did and he told me he was ready and willing to try. Well we have been living together for 4 or 5 months now and our relationship has gotten worse. We never are intimate, I feel like he cant stand being around me sometimes, we never do anything together, he is not affectionate or loving and I'm getting to the point where I'm scared he doesn't love me anymore. I know he does, but maybe its fading. He tells me all the time that he loves me and wants to be with me. When I tell him how I feel he will change for a couple days and then go back to his old routine. We recently just moved into a new place and we love it. But now I'm feeling that if I stay living with him our relationship will get worse or stay boring and lame and go nowhere forever. I want a future with him, but I want the man I fell in love with again. Do you think I should move out and try to get to know each other again? Or should I stick it out for a little while more and try to make it work. I really don't think I want a relationship/marriage like this forever. But I love him and want to be with him....geesh what should I do.




He is a great worker, he was demoted cause he is in the auto industry (mechanic) and it was slow....not really a demotion but for the time it was cause its slow...he went from hourly to flat rate, so he gets paid for the jobs he does not the hours. And I told him I did not want to live together unless he was determined to make it work and really wanted to, so I DID NOT force him into anything. And I do wear sexy lingeri and cook him dinner...he has no interest in sex. When we do have it there is no foreplay and its just a quick hit it and quit it. I dont know whats going on. It sounds bad but its not AS BAD as I make it sound. We do have great times together and we do laugh and smile....but not as often as I would like it.

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You have entered the real life of relationships. What you had at the beginning was the wooing honeymoon period. That usually tapers off once the two people get comfortable with each other. Sounds to me like maybe the moving in together was for all the wrong reasons...financial rather than a real readiness for this kind of change of lifestyle. Is he depressed about his change in financial circumstances?

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