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Why did he do this to us?

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My ex and I were in touch throughout all of last year and this up till 3 weeks ago when he broke off all contact. I have just found out he is seeing a girl. The problem is this..


3 weeks ago, my ex was texting/calling/emailing me telling me he wanted me back. He had spoken to his family and although they werent too keen of the idea (we had a bitter breakup and lots happened, long story) he wanted us to get a place together and move away for a new start. I had a week to reply by and I did, by telling him I wanted what he did and I was willing to work things out.


When I sent the message, I didnt get a response so I assumed he was busy. I didnt hear from him when I called him a day later and so for the next 3 weeks I was feeling incredibly hurt, confused and crying myself to sleep every night as he just dropped off the face of the earth. I couldnt call his friends, family to ask about him as we had been in touch for over a year but he decided that we didnt tell anyone as we "weren't officially together" but when we were, everyone would know.


I found out from a mutual friend that he had gone on a 4 day camping trip with some redhaired girl and was now dating her. To say my heart was broken is an understatement. I was with him for 5 years and I always thought that even though we had broken up, we still loved each other as we were so close and had lots in common.


I called him, texted him calling him nasty names and trying to see a pic of the girl on myspace, facebook etc but he kept ignoring me. Im having a hard time moving on but all I wanted to ask him was why did he do this to us? We were in touch for over a year after the break up to patch things up and when we were on the verge of getting back he tossed me aside like dirt.


Im so angry, humiliated and hurt by all of this and feel like i need to tell him exactly what I think of him

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sounds like to me that he was keeping you as the "back up babe". Now he has a new toy to play with.


I think the lesson here is that ..if he cant be upfront about being with you in front of family and friends ...something is going on. I know you said his family wasnt excited about you guys being together so maybe he didnt want to be alone but didnt want to commit to you either.


Either way it goes. I am sorry this is happening. I can see how this could happen to someone. Especially when we still want to be with our lovers.


I think you should take time to yourself and stay away from him for a while. Take a good look at the past and then determine if this is worth your time to deal with him anymore. I am at that point right now.


Good luck Lady. I know how you feel and I hope you the best

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