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If a guy says he's your best friend...


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have you been friend zoned?


I met this guy through my ex, and we get along so well. I was instantly attracted to him for some reason. We are pretty much the same person, he always gets what I'm trying to say and we have the same opinions and feelings about everything. So after I dumped my ex, him and me started getting closer and closer and he started flirting with me over text, saying "so when can I take you out on a date" and saying stuff like its worth it if my ex gets mad that hes talking to me because im worth it. he also said that were like the same person and things would work out well between us and he texted me all week telling me how much he wished i was there hanging out with him. btw this was all wednesday and thursday when he was saying this stuff.


then comes the weekend and we hang out and he doesnt put ANY moves on me? everythings the same, he acts just as he did the weekend before. i live an hour away so when i go up for the weekend i stay. a friend lives with him in the same room so we didnt have any privacy but he was still friendly and everything, just didnt seem like the same person on the phone.


then sunday we were with a friend, tom. and tom asked why i hang out with chace (the boy im talking about) and chace said he's my best friend. does this mean hes not interested and ive been friend zoned?


need advice, especially from a guy. thanks!

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Wow from the first paragraph I would think he totally wants you. Then the second paragraph is like what?!


Maybe he's all talk and no action? Maybe he is shy? Does he seem shy in person? It might be he can talk easier over the phone or text than to make moves in person. Kind of like "easier said than done".


On a side note, I've never "friend zoned" a girl. Do guys do that a lot?

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symbolic - i get put in the friend zone alot by guys, because im a pretty laid back girl and most of my guys are friends, and i can hang with the guys and stuff like that.


i dont think he is that shy, but we are pretty much the same person and i know im not aggressive with things like this, i usually wait til they make a move and maybe he feels the same way?


when he asked to take me out on a date i said yes! and i said id love to go with him and ive also told him that i think we get along really well and we have a lot of fun together. does that sound like im not interested?


i didnt put any moves on him, im not that aggressive with guys, and im working on it.


and now his phone wasnt working since saturday. he received calls and texts but couldnt call out or text out and i texted him monday and no response so im hoping his phones still broken? i dont know but im really nervous ...

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