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am i just being anxious? new friendship want it to turn into more...


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hi all,


i would like to ask you advice again! it is either ask your advice or worry myself to death. okay so i met this guy a couple of weeks ago...it is a long story, but we have actually known of each other for years but never spoke until about a month ago. anyways we went out and had a really good time together. since then we have talked via text, phone, and video calls....he and i live in two different states so we can't just hang out. anyways last week he and i were talking about seeing each other. i could tell that he wanted to see me and i most def. wanted to see him. well after talking for a bit he asked if i wanted to meet half way, or he could come see me, or i could go and see him....i said i wanted to go and see him...well looong story short we ended up booking a ticket for me to go and visit him...(the visit isn't for another two weeks)


here is the problem: i think this guy is growing on me. i really enjoy talking to him, but i am trying not to get my hopes up b/c every time i have gotten them up in the past, something always happens and they hit the ground HARD! i think i am going with the "flow" but i don't know how much calling is too much calling or when i am not calling enough. take for example this past week. we talked pretty much everyday...then on thur i sent him a text in the morning. i said "good morning. i just wanted to say hi...i am at school taking care of classes n stuff"....he replied "thank you! way to be on top of it..." since then i haven't gotten a msg or anything.


hmmm i really don't know. maybe i need to relax or maybe he isn't that interested. i figure, since it is the weekend, maybe he is busy with his friends so i should wait to call him...but then i think if someone likes someone they would be more than happy to receive their call. grrrr i HATE this whole dating thing!!


so here i am....on the boards at 10p on a fri b/c i can't get him off of my mind. thanks all for your responses!!!

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Yes I know this stage is nerve-wracking. Tweaks all sorts of mixtures of anxiety, hope, anticipation, self-doubt, passion, etc. etc.


Taking it slow makes the process pay off much better 99.9 % of the time (in my experience.)


The feelings you are having sound normal to me. Have fun!! Be safe. Go for it !!

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If he really likes you, you calling and texting too much wont be a problem. Or if it is he will speak up.


If he runs away or stops talking to you because your trying to talk to him more often than he likes, he isnt right for you. Does not like you enough.


You can not contact him until you hear from him again. If he gets back with you soon he likes you and enjoys talking to you. If you go a week without a text or call, he probably just sees u as a friend.

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