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How do I apporach this?


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Ok girl I have been seeing the last month or so had sort of a fight last sat night basically we were drinking and got on to some topics and really just abunch of misscomunnication.


Anyways I let her have some time to cool off although I appoligized for what I may have said to her which was nothing evil or bad just a bad way of expressing or making a point I didn't swear at her or anything like that it was just a fight I guess about the realtionship status which we are not exclussive as I would liek to be.


I wanta realtionship she doesn't now. OK fine She says she still wants to see me hang out ect


Anyways I haven't heard from her since sat until today at work. It was kind of akward but we talked and I had thought things were cool, Iasked her out to dinner she said yes then at the end of the day she tried to scoot out of work and I asked should I pick u up? she replied with Iam going home and relaxing.


Ok well I called her house to see if she changed her mind her dad said she had not even came home from work yet. this was 4 hours after work.


So how do I apporach this tomorrow at work when I see her?


Iam not stupid so I know she was hanging out with another guy. Which I can't really say anything because we r not exclussive but I feel like a chump.


So I really don't know what course of action to take when I see her at work

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This is exactly why you shouldn't date a co-worker. Just end it and keep yourself out of an complicated mess that you don't want. Keep it professional and just drop the dating part of it. Plenty more available women that you don't have to share a workplace with.

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