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my struggle to gain weight.

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While most people are trying to lose some body weight, I'm desperately trying to get some fat in me. I'm 5'2", 20 years old, and I'm only 90 lbs. I was diagnosed with goiter and my doctor thinks this is the main reason why I can't seem to gain weight, no matter how much I eat.


Aside from the goiter thing, though (I'm working on it), any tips on how to get me a bit.. well.. fatter? I live in Asia and I think you guys are aware that we love our rice. I sometimes eat two cups of it at meals.

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Basic principle of weight gain is based on a simple formula: calories consumed - calories burned = gained weight. To gain weight you have to consume more calories than you burn in one day. I guess your condition can contribute to you burning more calories than normal so try to find out how much more and then adjust your calorie intake as needed. Instead of trying to eat more to gain weight, try to eat smart to gain weight. In other words read your food labels and stick to foods (healthy alternatives) than are naturally rich and high in calories. Eat lots of foods containing complex carbs ie pastas as oppose to simple carbs ie sugars. If you're a woman, weight training will not necessarily result in gained weight. Men produce testosterone so by lifting weights they will have a tendency to pack on muscle which will contribute to increased muscle mass but for a woman you are sooner to shed weight than gain weight with weight lifting.

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Weight gain protein powder from walmart, less than 20 bucks for a month supply of like i cant remember 300-500 calories in each scoop. Take it with each meal (you should be eating 5 small meals a day).


Good idea, it may work for most but there are some people who buy this product and consume it having a significantly reduced apetite as a result. Weight gain powder (unlike weigh protein powder) is formulated to fill you up so some people can find it hard to eat large healthy meals as a result.


As a youngster in my late teens I was all about gaining body mass. Bought a few weight gain powder formulas back in the day only to realize that after consuming two shakes of that stuff a day I ended up eating half the amount of natural rich foods is use to. Naturally, I came to the conclusion that the extra few processed calories I stuff myslef with are not worth giving up or reducing my balanced diet for.

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If you have a goitre, then you are having problems with your thyroid (possibly hyperthyroidism?). No amount of working out or protein powder is going to help until you get it treated properly.


I have to revise my previous post. It would probably be a wasted effort on your part with the high calorie diet if you have a thyroid condition. Easier to get that under control before you tackle the diet thing. You wouldn't try to fix a leaking balloon by blowing in it. It would be easier to patch it up first.

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