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In your experience, what are the signs that your ex wants you back?


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my ex broke up with me, and we both knew there were still feelings there - it was complicated


he came round to where I worked, everytime I was there

he texted me

and eventually he just told me he wanted me back


then, he hurt me, so we ended it again

and he never tried contacting me or being near me

so that's when I knew it was over


so, I guess in my experience it's been pretty obvious that he missed me or didn't miss me.

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Actually she never gave me signs she wanted me back...We were NC for 2 months...When I eventually Broke contact she was very short with me...not asking me a lot of questions...saying a lot of dumb/silly things. Just not her usual self when we were dating...well one night I wished her happy bday via txt and she called me...we talked and I think thats when she finally gave in to how much she missed me...Then after that one day out of the blue she txted me how much she missed me...and ever since we been going back out on dates and IM LOVIN' it. Its like it was before we broke up, but so much better because I learned from what I did...and I am a better person now for it.


Moral of the story...You may not know she is missing you. Sometimes you have to just take a chance.

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I had an ex who didn't seem to care when we broke it off mutually (I pushed for it more because he treated me badly and I wanted out), but once we had been away from each other for awhile and I began to see other people, he started to act upset. We were still friends after the breakup and he was leaving on a plane out of the country. I agreed to let him stay at my place for a night so he didn't have to drive hours or stay in a hotel and I let him leave a bunch of his stuff with me so he wouldn't have to sell it or pay a lot for storage since he didn't know when he would be back. While he was staying with me, he laid it on pretty thick. Saying really nice things that he never said while we were together. When I talked about the guy I was seeing, he wanted to know more about him and of course, he disapproved of him for arbitrary reasons. Like I was seeing someone from a larger city and according to him, you have to watch out for guys from big cities because they have loose morals.....and he himself was from a huge city so I laughed when he said that. He also admitted to me that he had strong feelings for me which I guess is a pretty BIG sign that he wanted me back. lol

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when my ex's were coming back...the biggest giveaway was when i started receiving phonecalls, text messages, or even AIM's to talk about little things. And the contact was more frequent over time, they were more flirty, they started talking about the past and reminiscing on the good times.

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Of course they could just want to be friends. Or they could want more. Not everyone is so bold as to just come out and say it.


Thank you for the responses, guys. I totally think my dude wants me back; but he's gonna have to be bold and come out with it if he wants another chance. Right now he's just texting and/or calling every day.... even at 4am!! That right there started cluing me in that he might be pushing instead of pulling. LOL


Either way though, I'm going to be GREAT!

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