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Ex/Best Friend


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Me and my gf recently split just 4 days ago becuase of reasons to do with her parents not wanting us together, she is my best friend though and we're still wanting to be friends but i still really love her and she still loves me. She says that we still have to see how it goes though but im just really confused and dont know what to do though. she wants to see a big change in me but sometimes she will say all this but then get really pessimistic about it and how her parents feel about it. Her parents are separated but both keep in contact and seem to both be saying they will fall out with her and give her lots of stick if she goes back out with me which i find unfair...


I just need some advice i can give more information if you ask ... i just dont know what to do

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Im not exactly sure what the problem is with her parents but honestly you should never let people come in between your relationship even your parents i mean i know its not hard but hey if your happy and in a good realtionship then people should just have to deal with it but thats just me.

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Are you certain there isn't some other, underlying issue here? If it truly is her parents, then you can go one of three ways:


1.) Call it quits for certain.

2.) Get back together despite it.

3.) Take your time proving to both your ex and her parents that you are a deserving young man.


Why don't they like you?

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I think the parents ever liking me bridge has been completely burned, there are other underlying issues but we have talked and are sure we can get through them.... i was suppose to have been taking pills and because i wasnt i was i was getting really unhappy and generally a downer to be around so we were going through a rough patch but we realised we still really wanna be together and im taking them now.

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Stay on your medication - only when you can take care of yourself first can you ever hope to be able to take care of those around you, including the person you want to be in a relationship with.


As time goes on and you can show that you're a strong, happy, supportive person to this girl that you love, perhaps her parents will begin to see the better sides of your relationship! It takes time and it takes work, always.

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