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no brains in my head?

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I've never felt that crappy as I have lately. I wanna call him,

beg him to come back even if he had dumped me 7 times

in 10 years and we've been living separate for almost a year now.

I should have realized by now that he only caused pain

and suffering but I am like no brain at the moment.:sad:

What should I do? ](*,)

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Even if you beg, it just don't work out, you do know don't you... I knew when I was begging for my ex few months ago, I felt myself so low in self-esteem at the moment, having to tell my feelings and dropped my tears in front of her but at the very moment she was just smiling while texting another guy....


Beg won't work, it only shows that you are so powerlessness and the other side gain something so called 'ego'... Whenever they ask for it(leave), give them, they do deserved it..


Hold your breath, be strong, you're not alone don't you

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