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guys - what qualities do you like in a woman?


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Guys (and ladies opinions are welcomed of course)—


What qualities in a woman do men like? Do you guys prefer an independent woman or somewhat dependant woman? Reason I am asking is because I seem to have a hard time attracting men – the right ones at least. I’m generally a shy person only at first - I consider myself outgoing, down to earth, level headed, loyal and adventurous. I can hang with the guys and drink beer while look and act like a lady. It just seems like men (at the least the ones around my town) take notice to the “high maintenance” kind of girl that doesn’t want to break a nail or won’t go in the water because she doesn’t want to ruin her make up. I have many friends like this and when we go out I am the chill one who doesn’t get noticed while the “girlie girls” do! What is it that men really like in a woman?


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I absolutely have to be able to talk to them. I am attracted to a particular physical type - but i am willing to get to know everyone - so that would not affect it as much.


the longer we can talk, the more likely I will fall for you. and i guess i should clarify, the longer we talk about nothing , just so we can stay on the phone with each other, the better.


things that allow me to talk for long periods of time are: kindness, intelligence, originality, and humor.


that being said, i think samantha20 is right

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I just wanna say, this is a really good question. I never really sat down and thought about what I really want in a woman... really makes you examine yourself, too, in a way...


I guess... I like a woman who is independent, in the sense that she can take care of herself, if she had to. People who depend on other people bother me for some reason... Now this doesn't mean she has to be like "lone wolf" but she has to be able to fend for herself if the need arises. After a while, the lone wolf can get a little... weird...


Like most guys (I think) I don't go for the "high maintenance" chick. I can see how it seems that way some times, but you have to wonder about what this means, though: A woman can be "girly", but she can also be independent. When I think high maintenance, I think of a woman who constantly needs approval and support from everyone... I think of a woman who MUST have everything the way they want it... It's like a vampire, who can't survive without blood, but must feed off others to live.


I question the definition of "down to earth." It's been used so much I don't know what that means anymore. According to wiki, it's supposed to mean "practical and realistic." That sounds boring to me... I prefer someone who, while not having their head in the clouds, can bend the rules and have a little fun...


I wouldn't want a beer-guzzlin', sailor-talkin', spittoon-usin', plaid-shirt-wearin', "I shoulda been born a man"-kinda woman. Small doses that's ok, but long term it's a little gross. Call me old fashioned, but I guess I like my women... a little more feminine. The "man's man" kind of woman is good to be friends with, but I wouldn't necessarily date 'em...


I like light makeup, nice clothes, and easy on the jewelry. (On the other hand, if the most expensive thing you own is hanging around their neck or adorning their finger(s), then yikes! Run away! Also, why do women wear hula hoops in their ears? I get shivers thinking about it... Brrrr....)


Other than that, sense of humour yay, nice smile yay, positive attitude yay, bossy nay, dog lovers nay, neat freaks nay. IMO.

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Girls with energy, i cant take sit at home do nothing kinda girl. Girls that like to party, that probably ties into the energy thing though, a girl that isnt super self conscious, must be good looking. And a girl that is attracted to me.


Anything like that and im not picky about the small things, i just want to have fun.

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Sense of humor. Creativity (this is big). Intelligence. Attractive (to me). Directness. Tellin me what she's thinking or desiring without me having to read her mind or remember something that was said two weeks ago.


I've dated tomgirls and more high-maintenance types, and those in between. Taking hours to get ready wears thin after a while, so I've veered towards middle of the road or more tomgirl style. I love it that a girl can just drink a beer with her date or when out with friends. I like a girl that's independent, but isn't afraid to say that she likes me, and shows it. One that likes to stay home at times and one that likes to go out others. Constantly partying is a big turn off to me.


I'd date ya, goodkarma. You're in Cali, I'm in Cali...

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Op, us guys, we do prefer a woman like you. But, the high maintenance types get more attention because they probably look better. I'm not saying they are better looking, but I'm sure they put so much effort in thier looks, that you don't look as * * * * ty or as hot as they do with the clothes and makeup and all that they wear. Guys hit on the hottest girl. So while you may have a great personality that we all would love, we are driven by our eyes at least until we get to know you. Or at least that's my theory.


Oh, and I like a girl to have something going for her, for her life to be going somewhere other than the club every weekend. I also like a girl who is easy to talk to. A girl who can start a conversation. A girl who cares how my day went too, instead of just blabbing to me every tiny event that went on in her day and I can't even be like "hey I bought a new tv". I don't have a big list of things I like mostly because I don't think I've ever met a girl with alot of things that I liked, but rather mostly girls with alot of qualities that i didn't like.

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As far as initial attraction - cute hair, nicely done makeup, sharp dresser, but from there it would be more about personality. I know it sounds cliche to say that, but I need a girl that can laugh at herself and who doesn't take life too seriously. I like being around girls that are up for anything and who make the most of any situation. If you want to get noticed (by me at least) just be fun and have a good attitude. I would take a fun girl over a barbie type girl anytime.

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It depends on the guy and what he likes. But basically I'm in the same boat but opposite in the fact that i'm a guy and find it hard to attract the right girls. I'm good looking and workout all the time and stuff + a good job. It just seems like it will never happen lol. What are girls looking for? Sometimes I just stop caring.


Anyways onto you, generally it's harder for shy girls to meet guys because they give themselves less opportunities. If you think of it this way, 1 in 10 guys might like you and out of those 1 guys if you put 10 of them together only 1 of them is exactly right for you. That's the way I look at it. Be yourself and don't change for anyone. Unless you don't believe in hygiene or whatever haha. Get out there and do things. such as take cooking classes or join sports teams.

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I've got a relatively short list of what I look for in a woman. Personality-wise, she has to be easy to talk to, warm, loyal, intelligent, a generally caring person, have a good sense of humor, and share my beliefs. Appearance-wise, I appreciate a good smile and nice eyes most. If she's all-around gorgeous, that's a plus, but definitely not necessary for me. Mostly I just want a woman with a great personality who will be the greatest friend a guy could ever look for. (Isn't that what a spouse should be, anyway? A best friend for a lifetime?)

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