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We are leaving for college in a week. we will be 6 hours apart. i saw her last night and she cried and when we left, she told me she wishes i could've just kissed her and made things better, and that she doesn't want to be with anyone else and that she wishes things weren't so messed up.


i told her i would wait for her and that i promised things would be ok and that i love her.


do i make a move? does she want to get back together? i leave in a week and 2 days.

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Did you guys break up because you were going away?


I did long distance with my ex once we went to college. We were 3 hours apart so we saw each other every 2-3 weeks, so I don't know how often you would be able to see each other. For me, I guess I could say I'm glad we did the long distance (for the most part we were able to make it work. we broke up for a few months and got back together. and then when we both transferred schools and were in the same city, we eventually broke up again)....However, I wouldn't recommend to anyone to try to do long distance in college, especially freshman year. It causes a lot of problems, and I'd have to say that its those underlying problems that eventually led to our last break up.

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Same thing happined to me. I love this girl and she ended it w/o a reason but I ws moving away. 3 days before I left she called me 'on accident'.


I went and saw her, and we knew it was for real. Dated her another year. Broke up b/cof natural causes.


I saw go for it! What do you have to lose? You already lost her.... right?



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