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reconcile and phone issues


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So my ex has been communicating with me and asked to reconcile. I told him I wanted to reconcile as well. He blew my phone up Saturday night called me like 6 times and we talked alot. Then Sunday I called him and I got the FU button. He called back about twice and talked and then told me he would call me Sunday night when he got off work. It was late and he hadn't called so I got the FU button again.....tried one more time and FU button again.....and so I sent him a text.......and have not heard from him yet.


I guess I am frustrated bc to me it seems like he wants to reconcile but only if it is on his terms.....



Should I just not call him and not act interested?

We were together three years and I am going crazy bc now I don't know how "interested" I should look since we have been seperated for four years. It is akward to say the least.

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