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One final message?

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Struggling today guys.. for my story you can read here




So, been NC for a few weeks now after learning about the romantic holiday thing with her boyf... not easy. weekend I get 4 messages off her.. 1 a picture of the cat we had which now she has, the other 3 unbelievably asking me for the password on my music store account (i hadnt bothered to change it since we split but changed everything same day as going NC). Not a hi how ur doing, just asking why her ipod store wasnt working and rather amusingly if she couldnt have the password she may as well send the ipod back as it was useless. To say I was not impressed is an understatement.


I completely ignored her messages but i've ben debating whether to just continue the silence or send her a simple message saying just dont bother to contact me again... ive had 9 months of this crap. I dont like ignoring people even in this situation but ive had enough. If i send a message i think ill be letting myself in for some sort of response and I just cant be doing with this back and forth anymore when she's living with someone! ](*,) Dropping off the face of the earth will certainly help me heal and who knows, she may realise a few home truths about herself and the way she's acted.


Thoughts anyone?

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no send her an email asking her to please stop contacting you. Then don't respond afterwards. but letting her know is the way to go. No response sometimes, can lead to her wondering where your at and have hope. Plus she may continiue.


She is living with the guy she shacked up with immediately after she left. I dont think she contacts me out of hope for us. Her actions speak louder than anything else. Im just emotionally drained. I dont feel i owe her any explanation, especially seeing that all she seems to care about is a password for my music account. If i get a message enquiring about how i am etc then I may respond with a lets just move on message.

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