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Preventing/Fading stretch marks


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I lift weights and struggle with stretch marks, i personally use palmers like you said, twice a day, when i wake and when i go to bed. Seems to help out with both their appearance and prevention, but im sure they have some prescription grade stuff you could get from your doctor.

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Try Vichy "Lipostretch", that's the best treatment. It does help!

Removes stretchmarks within couple of weeks already and they don't seem to appear few months after I tried it myself.

But of course this includes healthy diet, making sports you like, and you might find it helpful to use this cream in few months again for the lasting results.

Best of luck!

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Does anyone have any experience with fading or preventing stretch marks? I'm currently using Palmer's Cocoa Butter but I am really not sure if it's doing anything to prevent or fade them.


Studies show that creams and ointments really don't do anything for stretch marks-- it is genetic. Slow and steady weight gain vs. gaining a lot really quickly, keeping hydrated and avoiding the sun on your bare belly may help.


Stretch marks that do appear tend to fade to a faint silvery color with time (usually 6 months +).

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Most of it is genetic. Still, Palmer's cocoa butter isn't expensive, and if it makes you feel good, it certainly can't hurt. Cocoa butter makes your skin feel and smell nice, so go for it.


I always used the cocoa butter oil instead of the lotion. I am very fortunate not to have many stretch marks after having my big boy, my stomach was way out there, but I thank my own mom's DNA for that one. The only place I have some marks was near an old scar from a prior appendix removal. The scar caused an interruption to my skin's ability to stretch ,and it resulted in a mark. It's not visible in a bathing suit so I'm not that worried about it. It has faded a lot too.


I still like to use my cocoa butter during the winter when skin can become very dry. The smell of it does remind me of pregnancy though. lol

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Id like to comment that i just tore myself... the stretch mark by my pec by my underarm just got back to the largest its been... kinda freaking out, and did alot of research on it in the past 12 hours.


What ive picked up..


DIET - high in vitamin E a multi if possible.

WATER - a whole crap load


The lotion will not do a whole lot, but again it cant hurt, the real damage is in the lower parts of the skin the collogen (sp?) gets stretched to farrrr.....


Ive babied my poor chest all day i dont want it to get bigger...

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I use something called link removed. Twice a day. It does sting my tops but that's better than having the stretch marks. I have no idea if it will work, but I notice that the areas that already have stretchmarks have improved! (I have them on my breasts and hips as a 'souvenir' from excessive weight loss and eventually gain in my anorexic times).

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