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I can't make out if he likes me or not


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There's this guy I like at work that always teases me/I have silly arguments with, and I tease him back.

Today I was joking round with him and in response to some joke he made about me I said ina jokey way "**** you" and he responded "come on then". I think he was just trying to be funny but certain things that have happened made me not sure if he might actually like me.


This other lady working with him looked at him and then me and said to me something about me being vegetarian to him then he said he knew that, I asked him how he knew and he said he heard things, the lady then said something like "he's interested in you, be careful he's a bad boy"


some other stuff he has done that made me confused about how he feels


*I often see him look at me and smile, or smile while he talks to me

*Laughs at my jokes (ones that aren't that great)

*Always strikes up conversation

*My friend (a girl of 19) said he doesn't speak to her that much, and she has seen him smiling at me when I am talking to someone else.

* He poked me in the side a couple of times

*Touched my arm when laughing/speaking to me

*Called me "Love" "Babe" and recently "gorgeous"

*Teases me with nicknamed relating to my height (short, little one etc)

*Acts quite immature/trys to annoy me in a jokey way

*Came out of his office to sit with me in the staff room on my break (I didn't ask him too)

*Told me quite a lot about himself and his past

*Asked me why I didn't have a bf when he heard me talking to someone else about it.

*He asked me if I was working over the weekend (I normally do and he normally doesn't) I found out later he had been working over the weekend.



Is there any other hints I shold look out for? boys and girls opinions thanks a lot!


(I normally have no problem with this its just hes an older guy I'm 21 he's 30)

He's been working there for only a few weeks. Do you think he is just joking around/having fun or could he actually like me?

Because if he does why hasn't he asked me out yet? I'm pretty sure he would know I liked him too. I know he is single and looking because my co worker asked him about his marital status.

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