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How long have/had you been staying single? How do you like you alone life?


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^ waveseer, thank you for your insightful thoughts, as always.


I just logged on to click "Helpful Post" next to your posting to say thank you but every time I click on it, there pops out a window saying "You must spread some Reputaion around before giving it to waveseer again". It happened before with your past posting. That's weird. They dont allow me to say thank you that way


I remember a while ago on another thread about who loves most you commented on how passion makes life worth living. That rings so true to me. Live with passion that's how I want my life to be.


Thanks!! waveseer.

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I'm single and I've been this way for almost a year. After my last relationship I decided that I had been with someone for 4.5/5 years since I was 16 and it was time to be on my own for a while. I've devoted this time to learning how to be independent. I've enjoyed it, but it would be nice to meet someone in the next few months.

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I have been single most of my adult life. I do not like it (being single). Perhaps that is why I remain single - men pick up on this. Hmm. A vicious cycle.


Kitty, I have been single most of my adult life too. I didnt choose to be single. One main reason is I dont fall for another often. Also I have a small circle of friends. My culture is an important factor too. A friend from US gets bit frustrated and describes this country a "social desert".


I am a memeber of a local badminton club, but people generally are there just to play badminton and exercise. They look nice and kind but they dont bother to get to know each other, let alone hanging out together, unless they are friends already before they come to the club. Friend said, you would get lots of friends if its New York, where she is from.


For a woman my age 35. My market value is diminishing day by day as guys in my country like girls younger, much younger than they are. Guys within my age group prefer girls 5+ younger than they are. In their 40s, around 10+, older 50s, they would prefer girls about their daughter's age ...

In my opinion, this is sick. I dont really care about guys seeking for young girls only.


I think this is off topic, but I dont understand why my fellow Chinese men or asian men prefer younger girls, especially after they pass a certain age, like 30.


Personally, I think girls in the west are more lucky than us. It seems that age isnt much of an issue for many of them.


Ah sorry I am off topic, hope Mods wont delete this

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I hear that all to often but i just dont know anymore about that.


Yes, I know that too often repeated phrases. With life. You have the right to choose to get better or get bitter. Be hopeful for the better

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Yes, I know that too often repeated phrases. With life. You have the right to choose to get better or get bitter. Be hopeful for the better


I've always tryed to go for the better but when i get shut down or something negative happens it puts me down and makes me lose hope.

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I've been single my entire life so far. The closest I've ever come was with this girl in 8th grade who I asked out over the internet. While she did accept, I broke it apart within 24 hours because, in all honesty, I had no idea what the hell I was doing, and she wasn't my type anyway. I think I asked because I felt sorry for her liking me. Therefore, I don't consider that an actual relationship because there was no real-life contact within those 24 hours.


Now, I'm nearly 16 and a half, shy as hell, and have no success with women. I'm expecting to be alone my entire life, and am currently planning out how I am going to live in the future; probably an apartment in some nearby small city, since I've always loved that location. At my age, I question the maturity of teenage females, as I just don't see enough of it. Plus, they don't like my type, so what chance do I have anyway?

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^you're only 16!!! print that post out and you can laugh at it a few years down the road. you won't be single forever unless you want to be.



I was single for 18 years. my boyfriend was single for 19 years. then we met!

and now we've been happily coupled off for the past 2, almost 3 years.


when people asked me out prior to that I always rejected them because a) my life was awesome by myself and b) I wasn't ready to date.

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