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Just met my ex for lunch not good :(

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4 and a half years together and she broke up with me


Broke up 3 months ago we met up for lunch to be friends


we got on great and had a great time,there were times were i felt i had strong feelings for her


but at the end of lunch when she left it hurted so bad


there is no chance getting back together


ill just have to move on

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Aww sorry to hear that...


But why did she break up with in the first place??


And what makes you think there's no chance of getting back together??


Stay strong, easier said than done I know. I'm having a hard time healing my broken heart 5 months later - but it has to get better with time... surely !

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she fell out of love with me and she is 23 and im 30 so she feels she has missed out on things.


she was touchy feely when we were talking she said i hope you can move on from this and be happy


im delighted i did see her cause now there is no chance maybe in a few years she may regret it but i just have to march on

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