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i'm shy, she's shy


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Alright so i met this girl not to long ago through some friends, i already knew her name because i was interested and all. I'm pretty sure she doesn't know that i am interested though (i do not know if that is a good or bad thing ). So one day I get a call from her and she asks if im free to hang out and of course i am (what guy isn't free for a girl that he has the hots for?). So i wait for her to get ready and we go to a friend's house, but the only person she knew(and not that well, may i add) was me, the whole time she didn't say much at all and when we left i asked her why she was so quiet (i didn't even have to ask i knew why, but i did anyways), she just said it was because she was shy, which was obvious after that 3 hours of everyone flowing with conversation and her speaking a few words. So i take her home and we talk later that night. It seems like every time we talk we come to an awkward standstill in our conversations. I've tried to make plans with her every weekend and she accepts or says "I don't know what I'm doing yet." and then when they day comes around she has already made plans with someone else. It drives me crrrrraaaaaazzzzyyyyy! (i just wanted to use that smiley) But I really don't know what to do at this point. Should I take it that she isn't interested and move on? or should i keep trying make plans with her? I'm a shy guy that isn't to great with girls in the first place, your advise is greatly appreciated.

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Maybe it's because she feels awkward going out with you and your friends. Have you tried just doing something with only the 2 of you? Ask her out on a date, just you and her, see what she says - that should give you some indication.


On a side note, post in BLACK font and normal size - it was really hard to read your post.

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