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One day I went out for lunch with a bunch of my friends and the guy I like. Anyway, after the guy I like left, there was me and two of my girl friends and one guy friend. We're not close friends yet but one of my girl friends and I were talking about how we needed to meet our soulmates. Anyway, one of my friends told us not to think about and I said that I couldn't stop thinking about it. After that, our guy friend said to all of us but more toward me and in a quieter voice that his friend (the guy I like) was on a personals website. I told the guy friend that I used to be on the website but he didn't say anything. Our guy friend said that him and his friends (which includes the guy I like) were talking the night before and the guy I like told his friends that he was on that website. So what I'm wondering is if the guy I like might have said something to his friends and they're trying to figure out if I like him?

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