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Feeling Like I'm Losing It...

Are You Living Your Best Life
Are You Living Your Best Life

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I'm feeling like I'm losing it.


I think I'm at the stage in my life where I'm leaving the stage of childhood for good and entering adulthood.


I'm 19. I'm attending a university and about to finish my freshman year. I'm working, and paying for my tuition, I'm taking pre-med courses, and I'm feeling so stressed.


Stressed from school, stressed from life and from my friends. The thing that's keeping me going optimistically is the promise I have between my boyfriend and I. We're happy together.



However, I think I'm losing my desires....


I've always been a straight A student, but now I'm failing Physics. I'm getting a 73% in there, and I know some of you would say that it's not such a big deal, but for a pre-med student, a 3.5 GPA is something I have to maintain. When I sit in front of my laptop screen with my calculator, physics textbook, my physics buddy on the other side, and a pen...When I can't figure out the problems to the HW (10-12 problems that we spend 4 hours on on average), the feeling of inadequacy sinks in...


Where have I gone wrong?


I feel that recently I don't have the fire in me to be the best I can be with school and I'm really slacking. I've never slacked or procrastinated this bad in my life...and the thing that bothers me is that I don't really mind so much not studying... In fact, it's not only with school, it's with a lot of things too...I feel like giving up.


The other day, there was a tornado siren and I happened to be at my apartment alone, which has no basement...I was sitting talking to a friend of mine and saying how it looks really bad outside, but I didn't feel obligated to take cover somewhere. I could have died if a tornado was to hit. It was actually really bad.


I feel like my care in the world is fading, and I don't know how to regain it back.


The only thing that makes me want to be better is the fact that I need to be better than at this current stage because it's against my character as a person to be this way...I hope that makes sense.



What should I do?

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I know very well this feeling of being overwhelmed and powerless. I had to fight with it in my first year of undergrad and then again in my first year of grad school. What I learned was that I wasn't inadequate, but I was simply taking the wrong approach to my work and how I studied.


First, it doesn't help to waste time beating your head against a wall for hours if you don't know how to solve a problem. If you don't know, then ask someone who does know to at least give you a hint. First you ask your classmates/friends (make these synonymous), and then if that doesn't work, then ask the teaching assistant and finally the professor as a last resort. Also, don't lose hope if you doubt you are going to make a deadline. Most professors can be very flexible and helpful if you approach them before hand to let them know you might not make it.


The greatest help I received during these tough times was in learning from the students who were successful what they were doing that was different from what I was doing. Other people often use approaches that you wouldn't expect. The lack of motivation will pass rather quickly once you can see that you are actually able to handle the problems. It is the perception that you are in a hopeless situation that is making you feel drained and powerless.

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Hey Love


Sounds like your overworked and under appreciated. Take a day for yourself to get away from the books, away from work and everyone and regroup your thoughts. Its been along time since Ive attended a Junior College (nothing on your level), I thought that was the hardest thing I ever did.


Then I had kids, today and everyday my priority is to my husband and boys. Its so much work it just sucks all the energy and life out of me. Somehow I wake up every morning and do it all over again.


You will succeed, I can tell by your post that you have a lot of guts and focus in you. How many people can say that they worked and put themselves through school financially. When all this is over you will look back and be so proud of yourself for all that you have accomplished. And you will be able to say I did it on my own, that is a wonderful feeling.


I wouldn't know anything about what you are studying but I bet that if you went to some people in your class and asked for some study points they would have tons to give you. Maybe suggest a study group with some of them. Maybe you could post that you are willing to trade some tutoring with someone having issues in another subject.


Keep your head up there will be a time in your life where you can relax (prob not if your a doctor, haha).

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