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This is a completely normal part of the "healing process". Something to look forward to is that eventually the dreams will be bad ones of your ex. When I first broke up with my ex I kept having dreams that he was the sweetest, best guy in the world, not the emotionally abusive jerk that he really was. I would have these a couple times a week when we first broke up, then I stopped dreaming about him, but just recently (last week) I had a dream about him and he was a complete jerk throughout the entire dream. He was doing all of the horrible things he had done in our relationship and I broke up with him again in the dream. This to me was a sign that I am moving in the right direction with my healing. Dreams are just a way of your subconscious mind working through the issues that may be difficult for you to work on in your waking life. It is a good thing that you are having the dreams because it means you are processing the grief and pain you are feeling and working through it. I know it doesn't seem like a good thing when you wake up in the morning and feel like someone tore your heart out of your chest, but it really is a positive thing.

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I actually dreamt I laying in bed while holding my EX, spoon with my arm over her, I woke with holding a pillow. It felt so real...


Of course without the snoring and occasional little fart.


LOL...IMAbadman....made me giggle again. I love what this site springs up sometimes. Hehe

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Good one IMAbadman..lol.


Well it didn't ruin my day after all,I went out and bought my self some new stuff including new cologne and some clothes and felt confident.

This is big for me because before the only treat I would occasionally buy myself is a Mcdonald's meal..lol.

Unfortunately with the job I have it will force me to see my ex about once a month as were in related fields.I think I'm going to join a gym and get some muscle.I would love to torture her by not looking like the sad sack she probabley thinks I'll become without her and if that gets me some interest from others of the opposite sex than that will be a bonus!!

Nothing I can think of would be better revenge than to become opposite the person that your ex thinks you'll become without them.Good bye doormat,Hello take charge confident man!

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