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Frustrations, sexual confusion, girl advice


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I've been dating my girl for about two months now. She claims to be into me, but i cant tell. She is a really stern person, doesnt get mushy, and i only get so much affection from her. Its like i need it all the time or something.


As soon as we hangout i feel together with her, but like a day or two after not seeing her, I feel so disconnected, like she is a stranger, and we aren't really together.


I dont know what to do, cave into my feelings, or chalk them up to my own personal worries and learn to get over it. Basically she is very weird to talk to, she tries to avoid me if i am trying to talk about any emotion or feeling.


But anyway I feel like she could be playing me at times, like if i am breaking down what i feel and telling her i dont feel she likes me at times, she will confess she does and give me a piece of her mind, but it feels like she is just trying to save the situation, it feels like she i dunno.....its just weird.


Sexually as well i am having trouble. She and i have had sex three times, one time was good, i got it up.....BUt the other times were bad, cause i was feeling rotten about the situation with her, and alittle down, and then tried to have sexx but couldnt get into it. I have struggled with sexaulity in the past, gay pornography can turn me on very quick, but i dont find myself atttracted to men in real life, or gay guys or any male, even the idea doesnt do that much for me, my affection and intial attraction is in females, but sexaully its confusing. Its a rollar coaster in my heart and mind lately....

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Its still early days, i would voice your concerns to her and see how she reacts. If she is still this way then you arent right for each other. If you can see she is trying to make an effort then maybe keep at it. Some people either dont know how to show affection or feel uncomfortable doing so but inside have alot of love

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