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How to let go of anger?

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It’s been nearly a year since I’ve seen my ex. 4 months of NC. I’m moving on, kinda seeing someone (but the tingles aren’t there,) But I find myself almost psychotically angry at my ex. Just wanting revenge more than anything else. Does anyone have any tips for getting all this anger to go away? I’m just so pissed off that she gets to be happy at the expense of my heart. Any ideas?

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Time and lots of self improvement.


A few things I've come to learn. She's doing what she needs to do to be happy, you should be doing the same. She's long gone, it doesn't make her right, it doesn't make you wrong, life is a learning experience. The anger is from unresolved emotions that you have for her. Unfortunately, nothing will come from speaking to her, you have to find a creative outlet for that anger, something constructive.


Maybe working out, go to a shooting range, art, boxing, surfing, basketball, football, the list can go and on.


Find something you like to do that betters you and keep doing it. You'll get an emotional release and you'll be doing something that will add to your life positively.


I'm glad that you recognize your anger and acknowledge it, you're a step closer to letting it go.

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Forgiveness is critical to a healthy life.

By holding on to an injury we are hoping for a better past that will NEVER happen.

Forgiveness recognizes that we were UNJUSTLY treated and that it will NOT be corrected.

Forgiveness does NOT condone the injustice.


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I know where you're coming from. I've been in a similar situation and the person above who said the statement concerning proverbial karma hit the nail on the head. It does come around.


As for you, the only thing I can suggest is try not to fight it. What I mean is don't stop yourself from thinking about it and instead of shoving it under a mental rug, think about it and figure out what the root cause is over your constant pain. Is it really coming from something she's done, or instead, from something else altogether?


Regardless, time does heal. I know it's easier said, but just keep looking forward as much as you can and learn from this past issue.

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There really is no easy answer. It just takes time, and ike some of the other people have said forgiveness and self-improvement. But its perfectly natural to be angry with an ex, especially when they break your heart. I've often thought about how much I'd like to call up where she works and get her in trouble for telling me things about what goes on at her place of business that she wasn't supposed to divulge. But then I realize that its just more time and energy I'm wasting on her, and that it won't help me move on, just give me a very fleeting moment of satisfaction.

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