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Advice on performance anxiety!!!


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So first time with this girl and first time ever will be soon, i know its coming. Right when we first started hooking up i had no worries about performing or anything and i became much easely aroused. Now being alone with her i have this overwhelming , knot in my stomach, butterflies, and feels like i have to pee, but can;t go. I wasnt getting aroused easily. But i was precuming alot. Ummm....further along i started to come out of it, and as sooon as i got up some the anxiety and achy stomach feeling subsided but then would come back, and make things hard again. Now i am thinking about it and i think it might happen again, due to how performance anxiety can work. Its like i can t begin to get into to it and gtet up, but doesnt last and doesnt get full, and my stomach aches, and i was fatigued the much of time.


Any experience with this, is this normal for guys????

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if it's any consolation, i'm sure that the girl has experienced this with other men too. i think a lot of guys get nervous their first time with a particular woman, and chances are, she will think it's flattering that you are so nervous. I think just relax, as much as possible, and try not to focus on the actual act of sex so much as having fun. good luck!

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